In its latest issue, Recording Magazine reviews Amphion’s Two18 and Amp500:

“The pinnacle of the Amphion line offers serious sound for the serious engineer.”

“They have a forward, full, and tight low end, not a faux subwoofer experience. It’s a low end that makes a kick drum thump you comfortably in the chest, and makes it sound like you can ride the bass strings… I am being poetic, of course, but these boxes help nail and seat kicks and bass in a mix with ease, and their mixes translate well to the real world.”

“There’s not much more I can add. Amphion is hitting a clear home run; for a firm that few in the studio world realized existed two years ago, few monitors have made this much of a favorable impact on the market in such a short time.”

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

Read the whole review here.