Amphion’s unique acoustic design

Beauty of simplicity

For 25 years we have pushed the acoustic design in order to keep our products simple electrically. Simple signal path and seamless driver integration lead to maximum resolution and transparency and allow easy placement and ensured performance in any setting and room.

Uniquely U/D/D

Waveguides offer multiple advantages as they improve driver integration and speaker performance in a room. Amphions proprietary 5th generation U/D/D (Uniformly Directive Diffusion) waveguide offers an elegant solution to common speaker building problems..

Every Amphion model delivers..

Point-source sound

Lowering the crossover point allows the speakers to operate in point-source manner. This leads to industry leading phase coherence and pinpoint imaging.

Time-aligned drivers

Timing properties between the various drivers are improved as the waveguide aligns the voice coils of the tweeter and the midwoofer.

Less is more

Pushing the acoustics leads to electrical simplicity. Advanced acoustic engineering simplifies the signal path, which increases resolution and transparency.

Unrivalled midrange clarity

Exceptional naturalness and purity makes listening a joy. The nuances of human voice and instruments are presented in their full glory.

Room-wide sweet spot

Thanks to even dispersion, enjoyment is not limited to a single seat. Everyone in the room can share the experience equally.

Low volume, high intensity

Easy to place and well-performing even under challenging acoustics. Clear and memorable even on lower listening volumes.


Mighty midrange

The combined cone area of tweeter and two 8” midrange units is 950cm² – up to 7x more than in competing products. When needed, substantial amounts of air can be moved with ease, while preserving the nuances.

Cardioid design

The highly innovative cardioid midrange minimizes unwanted reflections from both side and back walls (up to 20 dB), and allows Krypton3’s to perform exceptionally well even in small rooms or close to large windows.

Hidden 10″ bass

To achieve true fullrange sound, Krypton3’s elegant and timeless cabinet design incorporates a 10” side firing woofer. Rigid aluminum cone and a long excursion ensure a powerful and controlled bass in all environments.

Fix that pothole

Reflex ports are the cheapest way to get bass out of the small cabinet. Using a carefully tuned passive radiator improves bass performance and energy transfer by loading the room more evenly and naturally. With a sealed cabinet, drivers are not exposed to similar pressure changes, which improves precision of the midrange in addition to low frequencies.

Studio monitors

Industry leading translation

Trusting what you hear builds confidence, ensures better results and raises productivity. Amphion monitoring allows focusing on things that count which saves time and helps meet the ever tightening deadlines.

Pinpoint imaging

Due to their phase coherence and pinpoint imaging, Amphion monitors translate precisely to any playback device, as they allow you to correctly reproduce information in all planes including width, height, and depth.

DSP-free acoustic purity

Amphion’s advanced acoustic design minimizes electric clutter. Electrical purity allows harnessing the full power of latest signal processing devices, room-correction and other types of advanced software.

Base systems

Stereo to the lowest octave

Amphion’s introduced their first Base Extension system in 2015. The concept of keeping stereo information all the way down has become widely adopted since.

Seamless integration

Designed to work seamlessly with all monitor sizes. System can even be paired with a smaller model for an ultra-fast, easy to adjust small room full-range system.

Elevate your monitors

As the bass frequencies are transferred to the Base system, the midrange clarity and power-handling of the paired monitors are greatly enhanced.

Modern flexibility

Variable crossover frequency and bass level attenuator allow the system to match the specific needs of various sound engineering tasks.

Simple setup

Always placed under or between the monitors. Fixed placement and physical proximity between the monitor and bass extender ensure perfect integration.

2-way, 3-way or Amphion way?

Simplicity of a 2-way monitor or the power handling of a 3-way design? The system can easily switch between both with a push of a button or foot switch.

Power amplifiers

Low-distortion power

Amphion amplifiers deliver rock-solid control and tight, fast, highly resolving low-distortion power to get maximum performance from your monitors.

Added performance

To reach the needed sonic performance, a proprietary in-house designed buffer stage compliments the merits of the latest Class-D technology.

The perfect partner

Careful sonic matching and quality components make the amplifiers a perfect partner to all Amphion monitors and other passive speakers.


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