Kuopio, Finland

Chartmakers’s Svante Forsbäck is one of Scandinavia’s top mastering engineers. Tonight Forsbäck’s probably biggest project to-date, sees the light of day – “Rammstein Paris” – a movie by multi-Grammy and award-winning Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund – which opens in over 1000 cinemas across 46 countries worldwide.

Svante Forsbäck, mastering engineer

Svante Forsbäck, mastering engineer

The movie, just like all Rammstein performances, is a work of art brought to life crafted from footage captured by 30 cameras in two consecutive shows held at the Bercy Arena, Paris, in March 2012. Åkerlund and his studio crew then spent over a year editing this footage with the same attention and precision they give to their music videos. 

Such a masterful visual spectacle has to naturally be accompanied by the same level of sonic excellence. To ensure the sound matched the stunning picture, Svante, who has been mastering for Rammstein since 2007, not only mastered the soundtrack but also made sure that private screening experiences for various VIP audiences were flawless.

For mastering the project Svante used a mixture of analog and digital gear such as Buzz audio EQ, Klein Hummel EQs, Weiss EQs and compressors, Manley and SSL compressors and two pairs of TC Electronics System 6000. For monitoring, Svante relied on Amphion Two18 studio monitors with BaseOne25 system as LRC and One18s as surrounds.

“The overall stereo image and depth of the Amphions are great. But what really stands out for me, is the definition in the low-mids. I work a lot with music which contains plenty of important guitar information in the low-mids, that’s why the resolution there is really important for me,” says Svante. “These speakers really shine when used in surround. The way they blend together and re-create the recorded space is just amazing. Another impressive feature of the Amphions is how good they translate to the movie theaters and in this project, we did check quite a few of them,” adds Svante.

For a taste of this superb production, see the trailer and experience a little of this “masterpiece of music cinema that captures the energy of Rammstein in a unique visual and sonic experience”. But nothing will beat the full movie theater experience bringing the emotion and thrill of Rammstein’s live performance.