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Beautifully Honest

Hear it all
Your ears are the most important tool in your studio. Providing them with detailed, reliable information is the only way for making right, stress-free decisions. Pushing the acoustic design allows us to keep our products electrically simple, as well as ensure transparency, resolution, and exceptional time and phase coherence. All products use time-adjusted drivers and a 1600 Hz tweeter crossover. This leads into point-source-like behavior and seamless driver integration. Rock-solid “phantom” center, life-like 3D imaging and an extremely wide and deep sweet-spot are characteristic of all Amphion products.

Truthful sound
Amphion’s Uniformly Directive Dispersion (U/D/D) allows the speakers to work in a predictable and acoustically-stable manner in all rooms. Amphion’s fifth generation waveguide ensures driver integration, eliminates cabinet diffractions, and produces a uniform and even response throughout a broad frequency band. The result is a wide, even listening area, which provides predictable results in your current room as well as your next. Use of a passive radiator instead of a vent not only makes for a more natural energy transfer and improved bass definition, but also enhances the midrange clarity.

Work smarter
Achieving more in less time with minimum revisions, while keeping your clients happy, is a must in today’s world. To achieve this, your monitoring must translate well and guide you to focus on the essential information. Being able to totally trust your monitors leads into substantial time savings and peace of mind - even when working towards the tightest deadlines. All monitor models can be elevated into perfectly integrated 3-way full-range system by combining them with our Bass Systems.