Paul ‘Morcheeba’ Godfrey finds peace and inspiration in a small 100-year old church with Amphion One15

Hastings, England – Paul ‘Morcheeba’ Godfrey has been in the music industry for over 25 years. Together with his brother Ross, they were the founders and the driving force behind cult English electronic band Morcheeba. The band sold over 7 million records worldwide, achieving two gold and platinum albums, and creating a number of iconic songs like ‘The Sea’, and ‘Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’.

Seeking more time to be creative, Paul escaped the monotony of constant touring and performing, and now dedicates his time to discovering and producing new talents. He says “…I like the journey that creating new music takes me on. I am happy working on a variety of different projects all with different points of origin.” According to Paul, there is no real recipe for making a successful project “other than, hopefully, complete belief in yourself and the quality of your collaborators, equipment, and ingredients.” His experience taught him that it is “important to work in short bursts and come back later. Don’t torture yourself as it doesn’t make the music more valid,” he advises.

Paul’s new creative space, Morcheeba’s Sacrosync Studio, is located in a 100-year old church near Hastings, an old town on the southeast coast of England. “I have only just finished fine tuning the place in terms of workflow and space. Andy Munro helped with the acoustics and I had a great team of local builders to create the shape and flow,” says Paul. The studio has “a big live room and control room plus three writing rooms” and provides Paul with optimum conditions for composing, producing, mixing, and mastering.

Paul says that he likes “fairly live sounding control room with a mixture of monitors” and believes that the quality of monitoring is paramount. Among the ‘mixture of monitors,’ he has a pair of Amphion One15 with an Amp100. “I heard the Amphion buzz from many friends and forums,” remembers Paul and recalls the first time he listened to Amphion studio monitors. “I put them up in a regular little room and they blew my mind. I’d never heard punchy low mids from such a small speaker cabinet – the One15 and the Amp100.”

When asked what makes Amphion Loudspeakers particularly useful for him, Paul says “Two main points: First – I love drums and they are perfect to judge the sound of the transient. And second – For mixing they are vital for clearing out unwanted low mid clutter.” And he adds a third one – “They translate perfectly.”

Paul admits that now he hears lots of positive comments about his work and believes that this is also due to his Amphions.

’It’s the best sound you’ve ever achieved’, so I’ve been told by my colleagues and clients.

Amphion is the final stage in the decision-making, so I’d say it makes an incredibly valuable contribution,” says Paul ‘Morcheeba’ Godfrey. “It’s very important to listen to speakers in your own space, but I’d say with Amphion you can just trust that they will be the best tool in your box.”

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