VGP 2020 Japan “Summer Awards” go to … Amphion Argon-series!

Ongen Publishing’s Home Theatre File announced its “VGP 2020” Summer Awards and Amphion is a proud recipient!

From the desk of Amphion Founder, Anssi Hyvönen to Japan Distributor – Wefield
“Dear Mr Nomoto, this is excellent information and makes me personally very happy. I have always admired the Japanese dedication, commitment and sense of aesthetics. The love and appreciation of music both in Finland and Japan runs very deep, even if we may be subtle in expressing it. Everybody at Amphion is so happy to be working with Wefield and doing our little part in delivering the beauty and emotion of music to the end listener. Well done to you and Team-Wefield!”

金賞・Gold Award: Argon7LS & Argon5C (Home Theatre Category)
特別大賞・Special Grand Prize: Argon Series (Pure Audio Category)

VGP Awards is the largest and most prestigious audio/visual equipment awards-event in Japan. 

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