Bookshelf speakers that deliver unprecedented levels of sonic excellence and aural refinement.


Performance that matches its appearance, it is versatile and able to work with modest systems.


Characteristic Nordic design that translates into a clean, contemporary, timeless look.


Port plugs for an almost-sealed bass alignment to sonically adapt to different environments.

Operating principle
Two-way, vented

1″ titanium tweeter
5¼” paper woofer

6 kg (13 lbs)

Crossover point
1600 Hz

86 dB

Frequency response
48 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation
20 – 100 W

Handmade in Finland


Wood veneers

See all colour grid options

Stone grey
Traffic red
Sky blue
Turquoise blue
Heather violet
Yellow green
Sulfur yellow
Beige brown
RAL colour of choice

*) Estimated retail price. Prices may vary due to local taxes, shipping and other additional costs.

In detail

Crystal clear, emotional response

Helium510 bookshelf loudspeakers are the optimum price/quality solution for any home audio environment. Being a simple 2-channel setup for listening to music, or watching television, or 2.1 and 5.1 home theater systems for a complete movie experience, these highly versatile bookshelves fit perfectly. In addition to their flexibility in applications, Helium510 speakers are highly adaptable to your interior design, offering a multitude of colour options.

Helium510 loudspeakers employ custom Uniformly Directive Diffusion (U|D|D) technology which delivers a wide and even sound dispersion. This allows home audio speakers to perform excellently in a real-world placement where traditional, non-controlled speakers run into trouble. You can freely position Helium510 loudspeakers on a bookshelf or TV cabinet, and the controlled dispersion will still maintain the imaging and midrange clarity.

The signature Amphion waveguide integrates the drivers and provides a wide and evenly balanced listening field. In this way, the listening “sweet spot” is not selfishly located in a single point but widely spread so that you can enjoy your music even while moving around the room. A natural-sounding cohesive voice-band, and an extremely high level of speech clarity – even at very low listening levels – makes Helium510 a perfect partner for TV or background music.

Helium510 bookshelf loudspeakers deliver an unprecedented level of upper-midrange|treble refinement. They provide resolution and linearity that exceed what is common at this price-point in home audio loudspeakers. The extent of sound clarity and emotional enjoyment Helium510 speakers draw from even to a simple stereo system to home theater setup is second-to-none.

Media reviews



Amphion Helium510 Speakers – A Sonic Treasure

“The combination of smoothness and three-dimensional imaging lends an extra dose of realism.”

聽小耳機?不如聽真實的大耳機,傑威爾聽Amphion Helium 510喇叭



“…des enceintes monitor percutantes et d’un grand raffinement des timbres.”

“La scène sonore est en effet à la fois complète, bien posée et aérée. Les détails, chacun à leur place, sont comme dans un plat bien cuisiné où l’on sent le goût de chaque ingrédient à sa juste importance. ”

“An unprecedented degree of upper midrange/treble refinement.”

“This speaker’s resolution and linearity exceed what’s common in this price class… I simply wonder whether the average €900/pr speaker punter will recognize — and fully appreciate — just what this Amphion offers…”

Srajan Ebaen, www.6moons.com

User experiences

Home theater

“They are versatile and of good quality.”

Kari Majonen, Finland

High-quality stereo

“I cannot imagine how one could get better value for the money.”

Mikko Huttunen, Finland

High-quality stereo

“Very impressive and I am still listening today.”

Newton Au, Hong Kong

Home theater

“Music and movies sound so much better than before.”

Jani Raisio, Finland


Wall mounts

Mount your loudspeakers (up to 15 kg per piece) to the wall and adjust the angle according to your preferences with the metal Amphion wall brackets. Available in black and white.

$130.00 (per pair)

Loudspeaker grids

amphion loudspeaker grid accessory

Amphion loudspeakers come with grids of your colour of choice. Do you want to change the looks later on? Just pick another colour and replace the grids.

$60.00 - 75.00 (per set, various colour options)

Helium family

Superb sound in any space

Helium is your first step on the road to a truly rewarding audio experience. Whether you’re listening to music, using streaming services like Spotify, or watching a movie with family or friends, the clear, natural sound quality brings it all to life. It doesn’t matter where you put a Helium speaker, its controlled dispersion delivers warm, neutral audio – even at low volumes.