Argon1’s reference quality midrange resolution and low reaching bass response are its forte.


Argon1’s allow you to enjoy the same qualities from your computer-based desktop system.


Argon1 performance benefits from a first-rate signal chain as well as from modest amplifiers.


Argon1 handles any room positioning, room conditions, genres, and source material.

Operating principle
Two-way, vented

1″ titanium tweeter
5¼” aluminum woofer

7 kg (15 lbs)

Crossover point
1600 Hz

86 dB

Frequency response
45 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation
25 – 150 W

Handmade in Finland


Wood veneers

See all colour grid options

Stone grey
Traffic red
Sky blue
Turquoise blue
Heather violet
Yellow green
Sulfur yellow
Beige brown
RAL colour of choice

*) Estimated retail price. Prices may vary due to local taxes, shipping and other additional costs.

In detail

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight … ~ Mark Twain

Love listening to music, but not have enough space for large loudspeakers? The answer is our bookshelf Argon1 home audio speaker. This loudspeaker proves that even a small box is capable of filling space with big sound. Thanks to Argon1 bookshelves, you can experience truthful and complete sound representation typically associated with much larger home speakers.

The strengths of Argon1 loudspeakers are their reference-speaker quality midrange resolution and surprisingly low-reaching bass response. With these bookshelf speakers you can enjoy a powerful, yet remarkably detailed 3D sound in small to middle-sized rooms. Argon1 bookshelves offer you the typical features of Amphion Loudspeakers – neutral and musical sound reproduction.

Argon1 bookshelf loudspeakers are suitable for a full range 2.1 reference system, 5.1 surround sound home theater, or a nearfield desktop setup. In any listening situation, you can enjoy uncolored, natural sound that will allow you to dive deeper into your favorite recordings and discover music nuances you never thought could be revealed by such a small box.

Argon1 bookshelf speakers rely on the laws of acoustic design and not on “sound enhancement” electronics that interfere the signal path. This allows you to position them with ease, setting them in rooms with various characteristics, yet still keeping optimum performance. Argon1 loudspeakers guarantee high-resolution sound and music transparency throughout the whole home environment.

Media reviews

“The off-axis capability of these speakers is almost impossible to match..”

“Amphion, with its north star as ‘…an open window into the music’, has achieved its goal in spades. For the second time in my life, I am indebted to the Finnish people in all of their manifestation, one physical and one musical.”

“…elegant, classically Nordic appearance…”

“The Amphion Argon1s delivered impressive resolution, seamless blending of their drivers’ outputs, and alacrity in dynamics and limning soundstages. Another strong point was their tonal neutrality, especially in the midrange..”

“…the most focused soundstage I’ve heard…”

“If I’m being honest, its looks alone are enough to make me interested, but luckily the speakers sounded excellent to my ears too, with some of the best spatial presentation I’ve heard from a compact pair of passive speakers.”

“…incredible clarity, exceptional imaging, and deep bass extension.”

“I am firmly of the opinion that a subwoofer makes any stereo pair of speakers better for numerous reasons, but this is the first bookshelf speaker I’ve auditioned that honestly doesn’t need one.”

“The midrange in particular is exceptional.”

“…remarkably entertaining little speaker. Its ability to drop into even fairly confined spaces and show off its strengths of speed, clarity and musical joy in any environment is sure to win it many friends.”

“The seamless speaker.”

“It handles positioning, room conditions, genres, partnering equipment and source material better than most making it extra attractive for anyone who uses their speakers in a living area.”


Wall mounts

Mount your loudspeakers (up to 15 kg per piece) to the wall and adjust the angle according to your preferences with the metal Amphion wall brackets. Available in black and white.

$130.00 (per pair)

Loudspeaker grids

amphion loudspeaker grid accessory

Amphion loudspeakers come with grids of your colour of choice. Do you want to change the looks later on? Just pick another colour and replace the grids.

$30.00 (per set)

Speaker cables

Connect your loudspeakers with Amphion speaker cables. Specially braided silver coated copper conductor and chord banana connectors. Length 2,5 m. In black and orange.


Argon family

Powerful precision

Argon delivers audio the way it was intended, and the way you deserve to hear it. With nothing added and nothing taken away, the truthful sound reproduction takes you deeper inside your music. Whether you’re discovering new sounds or enjoying familiar favourites, the Argon series brings you closer to the original performance and opens up dimensions that you always knew were there, but couldn’t hear.