Flagship monitor of the Amphion range. A supreme nearfield performer for your studio


Delivers unsurpassed levels of detail, 3D depth, stereo width, phase/frequency response


Delivers consistent mix translation, removing insecurities regarding frequency or end-results

Operating principle
Two-way, passive radiators

1″ (25mm) titanium tweeter
6½” (180mm) aluminum woofer

18 kg (40 lbs)

Crossover point
1600 Hz

89 dB @ 2.83V/1m

Frequency response
39 – 20.000 Hz ±3dB

Power recommendation
50 – 200 W

Handmade in Finland

*) Estimated retail price. Prices may vary due to local taxes, shipping and other additional costs.

In detail

Being among the music…

Amphion Two18 studio monitors are Choice #1 for a number of A-list composers, sound engineers, and producers. The Two18 monitors bring them the confidence that their work will translate accurately to the outside world. These loudspeakers provide a neutral presentation, with a phase-accuracy and imaging that is second to none.

Whether you are composing, tracking, mixing, or mastering, the Two18 studio monitors are the perfect tool to assist you finishing your work both faster as well as achieving premium results. These transparent and elegantly-truthful studio monitors are perfectly balanced, and easily respond to any acoustic environment, personal tastes, or music genre.

The Two18 monitor provides very clear definition – particularly space and sonic placement, and even frequency response and dynamic changes. They remain full and sonically constant at lower listening levels, making them ideal for long-haul mix or mastering sessions. The Two18 studio monitors provide exceptionally precise imaging and a wide sweet spot, keeping the sound well-balanced even when you move around the room.

Amphion’s Two18 is a high-end passive monitor that employs custom-designed drivers, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver natural, transparent and un-hyped sound. The dual LF/MF drivers work in tandem with precise phase alignment to reproduce a wide sonic range with exceptional accuracy.


User experiences

“My Amphion system is the most truth I’ve ever had in a monitor setup.”

Jacquire King – Producer, Engineer and Mixer

“These speakers mix the song for me!”

Rob Kinelski – Mixing engineer

“They sound so good, sometimes I still go to the studio, just to listen to my favourite music.”

Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Member of A Tribe Called Quest

”I have never been this attached to a set of speakers until now.”

Darren Schneider – Mixing and Recording Engineer

Amphion studio monitor tweeter

Media reviews


“These speakers speak the truth!”

“I believe they have brought my monitoring environment to a higher level of precision, and the fact that I can work at lower SPLs will prolong my audio career and music-listening enjoyment. They are one of the few studio monitors of any size that I have encountered that both sound accurate and are a pleasure to hear.”


“Two18 – an impressive monitor!”

“Overall the Amphion Two18 is an impressive monitor. The designers have managed to combine an extended low frequency response with low distortion without compromising low-frequency transient behaviour; a commendable feat.”

Two18 with Amp500

“Amphion is hitting a clear home run!”

“For a firm that few in the studio world realized existed two years ago, few monitors have made this much of a favorable impact on the market in such a short time.”




Frequency response

Because all real control rooms have at least one surface (a floor) the speaker low end (below 100Hz) is measured in half free space. This gives a fairly accurate estimation of a very large control room, with the speaker placed far from back and side walls.  As the room size decreases, the amount of bass increases, which means that the smaller speaker models are particularly well suited to smaller rooms which will support the bass response of the speaker. In other words, the plotted frequency response corresponds to the minimum amount of bass you can expect in any control room.



Amp700 delivers rock-solid control and tight, fast, high-resolving power to get maximum performance from your Amphion monitors. Amp700 provides 2 x 350 W for 8 ohm, and 2 x 700 W for 4 ohm load, which gives plenty of headroom for the highest level of performance. Our in-house made buffer stage gives a touch of A-class sound to a D-class amplifier. Amp700 is suitable for all Amphion models and other passive monitors.


Speaker cables

Connect your loudspeakers with Amphion speaker cables. Specially braided silver coated copper conductor and chord banana connectors. Length 2,5 m. In black and orange.


Base systems