“These are my 11th speakers set in my life, and are the best I’ve had.”

“The Argon3LS like percussion, jazz, saxophone, clarinet and bass. But they feel best in well recorded vocals. You can hear that the throat and vocal cords need air passing through it to make a sound. Voices seem to play in an air bubble, nicely separated from the rest of the soundstage, yet still being a part of it. Nicely done.

The consistency of the whole sound is unique. Everything is sewn together seamlessly. One band one message. But you can also choose sections and focus on it. My previous speakers encouraged to look for flavours of the sound of cracking knocks, textures, sounds. Now rather, I have a linear performance where everything is arranged in a formed half circle or row. Maybe except for the vocal who likes to jump out of the line – but not too much.

-The treble does not have this sparkling glow as my previous speakers. But it is cultural and clear. Falls in place to be a co-creator of the music. Clear but without metallicity. Does not sting at all. Even when playing loud.
-Midrange draws attention. Great, spatial, free. With full of air.
-The low tones are clearly coloured. But it is never too much there. There is punch, control, contour, attack and colour. Meaty foot of the percussion with English ‘umpf’.
-Stereo and 3D presentation is just amazing. There is no more impression here and there, that the sound is coming from the window or from the left armrest of the sofa. They make you feel it is not an illusion, It sound if they really come from those places. Amazing. Big deal.

Finally, they play with a wall of sound. The sound comes from above the head from the back from the side. I’m not talking only about electronic music that is intentionally 3D mastered – I mean piano or well-recorded guitar is carried around the room. And this is a desired effect, not claptrap. Their skilful commitment to present the further plans is amazing. Interestingly, further plans are not without emotions. Some sounds add seriousness, others blown with horror, some are pleasingly soothing. All of them are adding to the emotional spectacle. Their acoustic refinement is outstanding.

They make you listen to the music with pleasure, thy are about the moods, emotions, involvement, message… namely music. Long hours listening session with no fatigue. These are my 11th speakers set in my life, and are the best I’ve had at home so far.”

Michal, music enthusiast from Kalisz, Poland
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