Ayo the Producer Gets Creative with Amphion Two18

Grammy award-winning producer on embracing ‘happy accidents’ and working smarter, not harder

Orlando, Florida – Grammy-award winning producer/engineer Ayo the Producer has built himself an impressive body of work over the past decade as half of the producing duo Ayo N Keyz, as well as a series of high-profile collaborations with artists like Cardi B, Skrillex, Jack Harlow, and Beyoncé. An instinctive creator who values the “anything-goes” spirit of collaboration, he favors simplicity and effectiveness in his production setup for the quickest pathway between his ideas and the final mix. In order to make the most out of this approach and ensure that all of his ideas translate to clients and listeners alike, Ayo trusts Amphion Two18 and Amp700 for all of his studio monitoring needs.

Producing the intangible
Ayo’s approach to creativity embraces its intangibility, seeking out musical ideas for his productions without overthinking their origins. This has given him a unique sonic perspective that isn’t necessarily limited by the genres that he specializes in. “People try to get too technical and ‘book-smart’ with music,” he said. “For me it has to be about ‘no rules’ because that’s what makes it art. It’s about getting that ‘feeling’ when you’re working and chasing that to wherever it can take you.”

Equating what he does to painting or other forms of visual art, he sees this as a way to preserve the authenticity of an artist’s story while still bringing out their best aspects. By focusing on live energy, ‘happy accidents’, and other off-the-cuff moments, he is able to showcase an artist at their most honest. “When you’re making music like I do — hip/hop or 808-driven music — you really want to make sure every note ISN’T perfect because that keeps it sounding alive,” he said. “It’s about getting back to real instrumentation and the feeling of physically manipulating music.”

“In order to do that and really capture those details though, you truly need to be able to hear everything you’re doing,” he continued. “That’s been a big reason for me getting into Amphion, because I wanted to hear it all.”

Quality over quantity
Ayo favors a minimalist workflow, and as such had been on a quest to simplify his setup to be as streamlined and effective as possible. His search for high quality monitoring ultimately led him to Amphion Two18 and Amp700 after a transformative listening experience left him blown away. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it was like the first time I ever heard vinyl,” he said. “There is a uniqueness and warmth to Amphion speakers that is still incredibly honest and detailed. I knew right away that I had to have them.”

Ayo’s minimalist setup consists of a MacBook Pro, FL Studio, FL Home Premier, and an M-Audio midi controller. With little room for error in this setup, his choice of monitors ensure that he can get the most out of it. “They allow me to hear the best version of it all, and by extension, the best version of myself,” he said. ”They give me the ability to hear everything in a mix, details that I’d never heard before with other monitors. I know I can trust them every time I sit down to work.

Ayo’s trust in Amphion extends to mix translation as well, something his clients have noticed and appreciated through the past year of remote collaborations. By spending less time on revisions, he says he can get back to what he’d prefer to do most — create. “I saw Amphion as an investment towards the kind of setup that has me working smarter, not harder,” he explained. “You want your own studio to be effective for your work because then you do your best work. You may use the same ingredients as other chefs, but it’s how you use them that counts.”

“If you want to last a long time in this business, you have to be creating what’s next,” he concluded. “I connected with how Amphions make me feel. They make me feel like I’m ahead of what’s next.”

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