VGP & AEx Awards 2020

Amphion Helium410 and Argon7LS receives Gold and Bronze awards from VGP & AEx

Throughout 2020, Amphion has captured many Japanese awards for its HiFi units – from distinguished judges and highly respected magazines. It closes the year receiving even more. Prominent publishing company Ongen Shuppan | PHILE WEB Japan announced its Winter “VGP 2021” (Visual Grand Prix) & “AEx 2021” (Audio Excellence) Awards this week, and Amphion was a proud recipient…

🏆 金賞・Gold Award (2): Argon7LS & Helium410 (VGP & AEx)
🏆 銅賞・Bronze Award: Helium410 (VGP)

With the enormous size of the Japanese HiFi market, and the saturation of speaker brands, it makes receiving these awards all the more meaningful, as Amphion really does stand out from the pack. Additionally, in a nation known for its exceptionally demanding standards in build-quality, performance, and service, our company shows it can meet the critical benchmarks – and then some !

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