Krypton3: Super AV Magazine ‘Popularity Award’

Amphion Krypton3 has been awarded a ‘Popularity Award’ for Outstanding Excellence by Super AV magazine in China.

Shanghai, China

Amphion Loudspeakers’ flagship model – Krypton3 has been awarded a ‘Popularity Award’ for Outstanding Excellence by Super AV magazine in China. The magazine has a more than 25-year history and is considered among the most influential media in the Chinese-speaking region – Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau.

Each year Super AV magazine holds an annual home audio gear audition to select the most popular and consumer-approved equipment in China. “Super AV’s editors had the chance to experience Krypton3 floorstanders at several shows in 2018, and have always been fascinated by the sound quality,” says Gary Zeng of AV Style, Amphion’s home audio distributor for the region. “Their high evaluation gives us, and the consumers, even more, confidence in the qualities of this high-end product and the whole Amphion’s line of home audio speakers,” adds Zeng.

Super AV magazine says: “Being the flagship speaker of Amphion, Krypton3 incorporates the full essence of the brand. Its fresh and beautiful sound and lovely musical expressions are exciting and full of connotation and depth. It is a very fascinating speaker product.”

Krypton3: A reference-level, 3-way full-range speaker. Due to its controlled dispersion and cardioid enclosure, it works even in challenging acoustical spaces. Two 8” mid-woofers, specially made with Amphion’s proprietary tooling, create midrange authority and headroom that every music lover should experience first-hand. A fast and tuneful, low-reaching bass along with a precise midrange renders acoustical spaces with uncanny reality. Mid-woofers are isolated from the rest of the cabinet in perforated, cardioid chambers. This creates a cardioic dispersion pattern and radically reduces the midrange reflections and ensures that the speakers work closer to their optimum in every room. Owning a Krypton3 is like having your favourite band or orchestra perform for you in the privacy of your own home.

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