Amphion announces BaseTwo25 bass extension system

The low-frequency extension system transforms any Amphion two-way studio monitor into a full range three-way tower.

Kuopio, Finland

Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers announces its new flagship BaseTwo25 Low-Frequency Extension System. The BaseTwo25 is a state-of-the-art monitoring solution converting any Amphion two-way studio monitor into a full-range, time and phase coherent, three-way system. These full-range towers extend all the way down to 20Hz.

Each BaseTwo25 has 2 x 25 cm woofers (top) and matching 2 x 25 cm radiators (below) mounted in back to back force canceling mode on both sides of the cabinet. The system is driven by 2 x 900W amplifier, and controlled by Amphion’s signature filtering module with a variable-level attenuator.

In addition to providing tight, tuneful bass, BaseTwo25 improves midrange clarity and increases the midrange power-handling abilities of the paired monitors. This is achieved by gradually transferring the low-end frequencies from the monitors to the base extenders. The Base system’s proprietary filter module starts moving energy from the mains to the Base towers at 400Hz (-36dB), employing a 3rd-order filter to progressively increase the energy-transfer to the Bases. At the crossover point of 100Hz, the energy exchange is exactly halfway (-3dB) – meaning that it is not fully transferred but equally shared. The paired speakers can be easily used independently thanks to the bypass switch on the filter.

“Modern music is increasingly bass intensive. In order to pack the maximum amount of energy into the lowest octave without any surprises in playback, the sound engineer needs to hear and feel throughout the whole frequency spectrum,” says Anssi Hyvonen, Amphion’s Founder & Managing Director.

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