700W per channel for excellent control and high resolution across the whole frequency spectrum.


In-house designed buffer-stage improves sonics and complements the merits of the latest Class-D technology.


A perfect partner for all Amphion models and other passive monitors.

Power rating
2x 700W, 4Ω
2x 350W, 8Ω

Dynamic range
117 dB

CE, EuP and Energy Star

5,5 kg (12 lbs)

Universal mains, auto select (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)

2x Neutrik XLR inputs

Speaker connectors
3-way binding posts (banana, bare wire or spades)

19” rack mountable (2U) high quality aluminium

Assembled in Finland

*) Estimated retail price. Prices may vary due to local taxes, shipping and other additional costs.

In detail

Making most of your monitors

Amphion’s philosophy is to develop innovative products with high-performance and longevity. Amp700 delivers rock-solid control and tight, fast, highly resolving low-distortion power to get maximum performance from your monitors. Amp700 delivers 2 x 350 W for 8 ohm, and 2 x 700 W for 4 ohm load, which gives plenty of headroom for the highest level of performance.

Extensive background work and testing went into finding the most suitable amplifier module. To reach the needed performance level, we added a proprietary in-house designed buffer-stage, which allows optimal performance under all impedance loads. Amp700 is a perfect partner to all Amphion monitors and other passive speakers.


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