Aidan CunninghamAidan’s entire life has been enveloped by music. Coming from a family in Ireland where music is in the DNA, Aidan’s formative years were spent surrounded by music of all kinds which allowed him to develop an obsession with recorded sound. An obsession which has flourished into a full-time career mixing for and producing artists from around the globe. Also a multi-instrumentalist musician it was hard for Aidan to imagine doing anything else “I never actually sat down and made the active decision to become a record producer, it was more the case of knowing that I didn’t want to do anything else and to figure out a way to make it work. Music is so important to me and brings me so much happiness. To this day I am still obsessed with it, if not even more so now, it is everything”.

Aidan is also the founding member and guitarist of mathcore band MURDOCK (Basick Records) which he has written and released 3 full-length albums and undergone countless tours.

Aidan has worked with a stylistically varied group of artists in his career to date, most of it falling under one of the many sub-genres of rock & metal but has also lent his ears to many pop, hip-hop and jazz productions.

“Every mix decision I make is based on the question ‘does this make the music feel better?’ To me, it’s all about good music. My job is to get the most emotion and listener impact out of a song while avoiding homogeneity and breaking as many genre “rules” as I can. The greatest challenge one faces as a mixing engineer, is being able to retain an objective opinion of the song you are working on, while not getting lost in the details as you sift through the layers.

If a painter were to squint their eyes, they would find it very hard to paint a picture without making mistakes. They would then spend hours in one small section of the painting trying to fix those mistakes, all the while losing perspective on their initial creative intention. Mixing is just like this, too much time spent focusing on details will cause the overall mix to suffer.

Aidan CunninghamKeeping a fresh perspective is best achieved by moving quickly and being able to make accurate decisions without any “guess-work”. My Amphion One18s present the details of my mix to me with exceptional clarity and accuracy that I have not found with any other monitoring system. They are refreshingly honest and revealing with an exceptional stereo image and when I work with them in either my mix room or a recording studio, I am listening to the music, not the monitors.

In my experience, many mix engineers neglect the importance of accurate monitoring and acoustic treatment. Instead, they invest in more expensive tube compressors and summing mixers, hoping it will help their mixes sound better. If you are a skilled painter but you are frustrated because it’s too dark to see, buying a more expensive paintbrush won’t help you. You need the correct lighting to be able to see what’s truly there! My Amphion One18’s give me the ability to stand right in front of the painting seeing all the detail while also standing at the back of the gallery looking at the whole picture.”

Find out more about Aidan: www.aidan-cunningham.com

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