Daniel Sadowski’s composing credits include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 Reborn, Pac-man bounce, and Megamind. Daniel sent us a funny, yet informative email, we wanna share with you….

Daniel Sadowski“Loving my Two18s and One18s. They are my desert island monitors for sure. Don’t know how I wrote anything without them. And it just keeps getting better.”

For me, the Two 18s is like being in the music, right next to the music. I can see all the reality and make decisions because I am actually among the music. So much detail and I can see the actual size of the music. I can also see the big picture from the highs all the way down to the lows. The mids are so real and yet I can still see the whole picture.

The One18, however, is like being “above the music” I can make decisions from a different perspective on the whole picture, and I know it will translate from bass to mids to highs in one tight package. If it sounds good coming out of the One18s it will translate across all size speakers. So this is why I will always use both depending on how I want to see the music picture if that makes sense. But I definitely like to use both for composing the music, then for mastering it’s both but mostly Two18s.

But what is so cool is they are from the same DNA, so this setup works quite well”