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Justin Fraser

Justin Fraser – Emmy Award Winning & Grammy Nominated Engineer

“The Amphion Two18s are everything I was looking for in a pair of midfield/larger nearfield monitors for my room, and seem perfectly balanced to my acoustical environment and tastes. They offer me a neutral presentation, with a phase accuracy and imaging that is second to none, but at the same time remain musical and are an inspiration to work on, which is seemingly a rare combination of qualities in a speaker in my experience.”

In an evolving modern production world, which sees me jumping between audio post-production and musical genres alike, I need a constant that consistently portrays the bigger picture and inspires me to bring projects across the “finish line” within ever decreasing deadlines and exceeding constantly increasing expectations… For me the Two18s and custom Amp500 mono block combination are here to stay.”

Who is Justin Fraser?

Multi-talented Justin is a leading Pro Tools instructor, an accomplished sound designer and dubbing mixer for film and television, whose credits include some of the most recognizable names in the business, such as engineer and technical assistance for the legendary music producer Trevor Horn as well as audio workflow consultancy for NBC’s broadcast of the London Summer Olympics 2012 and 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.