Bristol, United Kingdom

Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers will be presented at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, February 23-25, 2018.

Amphion is in room 222, demonstrating the recently redesigned Argon0 and Argon1 bookshelf loudspeakers along with Argon7LS that was very well received at its launch during last years show.

The small Argon models recently got a significant cabinet change as their reflex tube was repositioned and is now located directly behind the bass driver. The new design improves their already impressive bass response and further enhances the clarity of the midrange. At the show they will be driven by a Hegel Röst amplifier, connected by Audiomica Labs cables, and utilize MusicWorks power and isolation products which all combine to produce a very coherent musical system.

Amphion also features in room 230, where Hegel Music Systems demonstrates its award-winning range of Integrated amplifiers through a pair of Argon7LS. Amphion partners well with Hegel. The Finnish loudspeakers’ truthful and detailed sound representation in combination with vivid soundstage and wide sweet spot, allow the power, dynamics, grip, subtlety, and finesse of the amplifier to shine through.

All Amphion loudspeakers utilize a common crossover design. The crossover point is placed at 1600 Hz, located outside the most sensitive human hearing range, allowing the use of the tweeter in that area, where our hearing is most perceptive. This way the speakers perform as point-sources, solving the problems we generally experience with coaxial or dual concentric designs, where the tweeter is housed in the moving “waveguide” i.e. the woofer. The specifically designed waveguide creates an even dispersion, allowing you to immerse into a room-wide sweet spot.

Amphion Loudspeakers residential line is represented in the United Kingdom by Auden Distribution and available across select retailers nationally.