Low noise and distortion-free amplification for optimum transparency and musicality.


Stable power ensured by Adaptive Modulation Servo Technology.


2 x 120W RMS BTL into 6Ω
2 x 50W RMS into 4Ω

Power rating
2x 100W, 8Ω

Dynamic range
115 dB

CE, EuP and Energy Star

4,1 kg (9 lbs)

Input voltage 230/115V
auto select

2x Neutrik XLR inputs

Speaker connectors
3-way binding posts (banana, bare wire or spades)

19” rack mountable (2U) high quality aluminium

Assembled in Finland

*) Estimated retail price. Prices may vary due to local taxes, shipping and other additional costs.

In detail

Optimum performance

Packing 100W of power per channel, the Amp100 stereo amplifier is the ideal companion for One12, One15 and One18 series of studio monitors. Amp100’s top-shelf electronics and precision manufacturing unlock the best performance from these speakers, revealing all the clarity, depth and consistent output expected from an amplifier with the Amphion name on it.

Amphion’s Amp100 power amp provides distortion-free and background noise-free amplification at its best. It ensures pefect transparency and great musicality for the most accurate mixing and mastering results.

Media reviews

One15 and One18 with Amp100

“If you demo a set in your room, it’s very likely you’ll keep them.”

“These monitors perform well above their price range and are an incredible value for such refined tools, arguably one of the most critical tools for mixing. The mixes I complete on them are translating well to other rooms and playback systems, and I’m producing the best work of my career.”

One15 with Amp100

“Kompromisslos abgestimmt”

“Man verbringt wesentliche Teile der Arbeitszeit an einem Projekt im Nah-feldbereich. Das verlangt nach einer verlässlichen wie schonenden Abhörsituation am Regiearbeitsplatz. Der finnische Hersteller Amphion bietet mit den One15-Monitoren und ausgezeichnet abgestimmter Amp100-Verstärkung eine Kombination, die derlei Anforderungen und professionellen Ansprüchen vollauf gerecht wird.”

One18 with Amp100

“These are amazing workhorse monitors.”

“These are amazing workhorse monitors that are detailed, full, and pleasant to work on. What an awesome sound it is! I’m not sure that I want to mix without them…”

One18 with Amp100

“The next NS10”

“To get a solid handle on how beautifully honest the One18 is, you must audition a pair as soon as possible. I assure you your mixes will translate.”

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