Amphion Argon3s are now part of Pauler Acoustics´s recording and monitoring system at Stockfisch Records. Since 1974 Günter Pauler has been recording and producing many of the reference recordings of the audiofile community.

Mr. Pauler and Stockfisch Records are continuously looking for best products for their recording and monitoring chain in order to – as their slogan says – to bring us closer to the music.

“The best nearfield speakers I have ever heard,” says Mr. Günter Pauler.

Now audiophiles have access to the same speakers that are used in the recording process of some their reference recordings.

Even if Mr. Pauler feels Argon3 are the best nearfield speakers he has ever heard, Argon3s were designed to work best in normal acoustically non-treated rooms, where most of the audiophiles enjoy their music.

Argon3S Stockfisch Records