Kuopio, Finland

Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers officially launched its passive studio monitors line at the NAMM show in January 2015. Back then the most common comment was “No one buys passive speakers in today’s studios.” A year later, Amphion’s passive radiator loaded, dispersion controlled studio monitors have already created a major buzz within the professional audio community. Some of the world’s top sound engineers have installed them in their studios, trusting Amphion’s neutral and detailed yet musical sound. In addition to the widespread user interest, Amphion received a TEC Award nomination, considered to be the most prestigious award in professional audio technology.

Argon3s home audio bookshelf loudspeakerAmphion never believed that speakers used for listening to music should be any different from the ones used for making it. This is the reason why the company’s home audio line allows a seasoned music lover to enjoy the same qualities, which allow music making professionals to “see” deeper into their music. The newly introduced Argon3S follows the same concept, bringing studio sound quality to the home environment.

Argon3S keeps the strong suits of Amphion’s popular bookshelf speaker Argon3, while incorporating the passive radiator and crossover technology from the studio monitors. With this technological fusion, the sound quality and emotional involvement are raised to a completely new level. By removing the widely known problems associated with vented boxes Argon3S provides home audio enthusiasts an unprecedented naturalness, musicality, precision and detail, which used to be reserved only for professional recording and mastering studios.

The passive radiator technology that Argon3S utilizes, ensures increased midrange clarity and tight, tuneful, low-reaching bass, which traditionally are available only from large, closed enclosures. Argon3S is not an overly neutral, sterile monitor, as final voicing is intended to bring maximum joy from your favorite recordings. Argento binding posts, along with silver plated pure copper internal wiring establish a flawless signal transfer.

One of the most distinguishing features of Argon3S, as well as all the other Argon and Helium models, is that you can fully enjoy optimal sound quality even when you are not sitting in the sweet spot. The controlled, wide even dispersion in the Amphions makes multiple Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer Dave Reitzas (Madonna, Celine Dion, Seal, Michael Buble, Fifty Shades of Grey) say: “The whole room is a sweet spot.”

Visitors of the High-End show in Munich will be able to experience the unique musicality of Amphion’s loudspeakers and learn more about their specifics by Amphion’s owner and Managing Director Anssi Hyvönen in Atrium 3.1, room D109. Argon3S unique performance is priced to be within reach of all audiophiles at €1075 (walnut veneer €1175) per piece, incl. VAT.