Anaheim, CA, United States

Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers announces the shipping of MobileOne12. The portable system consists of the compact One12 studio monitors, a pair of Amp100 monoblock amplifiers and Amphion’s speaker cables – all packed in a convinient wooden case with custom padding for safe and secure transportation.

One12 mobile studio monitor set upThe One12 studio monitors provide a stunning translation to much bigger mixing and mastering studio systems, home audio setups and even large PA systems. Many other monitors fall apart at low listening volume, but One12 sounds equally well at any volume. This allows them to be used in any acoustic environment, being a studio or a hotel room.

“One of the really nice things about the One12 is that you can listen to it up really close if you need to,” says Anssi Hyvönen, founder and Managing Director of Amphion Loudspeakers. “I think of it as a large pair of high-resolution headphones which are very comfortable to wear all day long, but also allow sharing the experience with the production team while taking the room out of the equation.”

MobileOne12 ist the optimum solution for any home studios, small post-production edit bays, mobile trucks or FOH where space is a precious commodity. Amphion’s mobile kit faithfully delivers the “beautifully honest” sound for which the company has become known.

The system will be presented during NAMM 2017, 19-22 January 2017, Booth 6314. MobileOne12 sells for USD 2800 / EUR 2520 and is available at authorized Amphion dealers everywhere.