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Amphion Loudspeakers and Mix Wave Inc. sign a dealership agreement for Japan

“Amphion has a very distinctive style both in terms of design and sound quality,” says Hirokazu Saika, President of Mix Wave Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has always been considered a formidable country for foreign company market-entry. Despite the many challenges, quite a few Finnish products have found a foothold. Japanese and Finnish, who on the surface seem to be very different, share common aesthetics – admiring simplicity and purity in visuals and sound alike.

Anssi Hyvönen, Founder and Managing Director of Amphion Loudspeakers, was convinced that his products had a place in Japan. The most crucial for him was finding passionate and dedicated local partners. Mix Wave Inc. demonstrated both the capability and enthusiasm which made them the first dealer in Japan, offering the complete list of Amphion’s studio monitors and amplifiers.

Hirokazu Saika Mix Wave

“I believe that choosing a good partner in our business is not only based on matching commercial interests, but also very much on how both parties view and sense sound,” says Hyvönen. “I’m convinced that with Mix Wave we found the right partner,” he continues. “As always, timing is everything. Our entry into Japan could not take place at a better time. One era is ending now as spare parts for Yamaha NS-10 are not even available in Japan anymore,” adds Hyvönen.

Recently, Hirokazu Saika, President of Mix Wave Inc. was introduced to Amphion studio monitors. For him, this was almost a deja vu moment, as it took him back in time to when he first met another Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer. Later, thanks to Saika’s involvement with this company, it became a major player in Japan audio world.

“When I first met Genelec, back in the 1980s, they were a modest company with about 10 people working there,” Saika remembers. “Now, when I look at Amphion, who are very much alike in terms of size and dedication, I see a huge potential,” he adds. “Amphion has a very distinctive style both in terms of design and sound quality,” continues Saika, “and I believe they will fit very well with Japanese simple and clean aesthetics.”

Hirokazu Saika’s words about Amphion’s potential are based both on his own refined ear and the feedback he is already receiving from some chart-topping and Grammy-winning engineers, such as Satoshi Hosoi, Goh Hotoda, and Yoshi Kumada. By all means, Amphion Loudspeakers have already made an appealing entry into the land of the rising sun.