Kuopio, Finland

Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers makes one more step into the Asian continent, appointing Sinamex Electronics Pte Ltd as an official distributor for Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Sinamex, which headquarters is in Singapore, with branches in Malaysia and Myanmar, is a highly respected retailer of audio recording technology, equipment, and instruments in South-East Asia. Their expertise is well-known by musicians and audio recording professionals in the region. Their high-level professionalism has been recognized by multiple awards in their sector, appointing them not only as a great-performing distributor but as a retailer with extremely dependable after-sales service.

“Customer service is our top priority when choosing our dealers and distributors around the world. Moreover, in Asia, where due to time, linguistic and cultural differences it is even harder to communicate directly with the end customers and we have to dedicate this task to an entity we totally trust,” says Michael Di Stasio, Amphion Loudspeakers’ Representative for the Asia-Pacific region. “We believe that Sinamex will meet our high expectations and that their passion for high-quality audio technology will make them a very successful Amphion distributor,” adds Di Stasio.

“Listening to Amphion studio monitors is like getting a pair of glasses with the correct prescription, one starts noticing details that were a blur before,” says Simon Tan, Sinamex Managing Director. “When talking about Amphion here at Sinamex we often say “It can’t get better than this!”

For inquiries and more information about future demo events contact Simon Tan at [email protected] or check the Sinamex website or Facebook page.