Kuopio, Finland

Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers continues its expansion into Asia, appointing Kicksound as an official distributor for the Hong Kong/Macau region.

This relatively young, but very promising distributor, meets Amphion’s demands for professionalism and dedication to high-quality customer service and training. Kicksound is known for its deep understanding of sound production and technologies, offering not just retail services but consultancy in studio construction and sound design alike.

“We are pleased with this new venture with Kicksound. We see a team of highly-motivated professionals – musicians, sound designers, engineers, and sound artists – all with a passion for music and sound quality,” says Michael Di Stasio, Amphion Loudspeakers’ Representative for the Asia-Pacific region. “Hong Kong has a large and very dynamic film entertainment industry and is one of the world’s largest film and television content exporters. So we are pleased to be able to provide the best tools for mix/mastering engineers, music creators, and producers – whether they are in the recording, broadcast, or home-studio.”

“The characteristic of Amphion’s loudspeakers is their highly resolving and natural reproduction,” says Kawai Leung, Project & Sales Director. With the aim of providing the most natural sound to both home studios and larger commercial facilities, according to Leung, Amphion’s product is the perfect fit. “The most stunning feature of Amphion’s studio monitors is the design of the waveguide, which makes the ‘point source’ idea so noticeable – not just to us, but to our customers who instantly notice this effect. We think this merit means a lot to our market in Hong Kong, and it is good to have a new choice for engineers in Hong Kong,” adds Leung.

Among Amphion’s first users and keen proponents in Hong Kong is Simon Li from nOiz Studio. He is enjoying a pair of Two18 studio monitors with BaseOne25 system, and recently received Amphion’s MobileOne12 kit to complement the larger siblings. “It’s an absolute joy to work with Two18 + BaseOne25 – clear, detailed with a solid stereo image,” says Simon Li. “The best thing is that the Amphions reveal ‘the good and the bad’ things in the recording so engineers can make a better judgment. Beautifully honest is not a marketing slogan, it’s true what I feel about my Two18 + BaseOne25,” he adds.

Kicksound, offer Amphion’s complete portfolio of studio monitors and power amplifiers. The company has already commenced a series of demonstrations where sound engineers can listen and work with Amphion’s speakers. For more information on future events, please check Kicksound’s websiteFacebook page or send an e-mail at [email protected].