Los Angeles, CA

Luis Villa with Amphion studio monitors

Five-time Latin Grammy Award nominee Luis Villa of UnoMusic recorded and mixed the latest album of popular Spanish band Cafe Quijano. In addition to their own albums, Cafe Quijano has performed on Disney soundtracks and composed music for the Spanish National Football team. Their newest album “Orígenes: El Bolero Voumen 3” has been nominated in 4 categories for this year’s Latin Grammy. The categories are “Record of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Best Traditional Pop Album” and “Producer of the Year”.

“This is the first project I’ve done entirely with my Amphion One18. Amphion’s amazing level of detail and natural timbre was really usable in this project consisting solely of acoustic instruments. Seeing deeper into my music helped me achieve results quicker and without a doubt. No more different versions of my mixes… the mix I do, is the mix I love. Amphion One18 are both accurate and musical, which makes the recording and mixing process not only effective but also very enjoyable.”